FAQ Overview

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you accepting new patients?

Yes. New patients are always welcomed.

How do I get started?

To schedule an appointment for any services, please call 503-762-1122 Tuesday - Saturday.

What are the costs?

For cash price patient, please see below.

Cash Patient Pricelist
New Patient Visit - $ 150
Return Patient Visit - $ 95

Add-on Services
Cupping - $ 15
Tui-na Massage (15 minutes) - $ 30

Phone Consultation - $ 70
B12 Injection (with acupuncture office visit) - $ 35
B12 Injection Only Visit - $ 45
Full Hour Tui-na Massage - $ 85

Other Services
Prolo Therapy Consultation - $ 70
Prolo Therapy Injection (per injection site) - $ 150
Platelet Rich Plasma - $ 500
Chiropractic Services – Starting at $ 35 

MedSpa Services
Cosmetic Acupuncture - $ 120
PRP rejuvenation injection therapy - $1000 - $1500
Electrical Micro Needling with Vitamin C Serum - $ 200
Weight Management Acupuncture w/ HCG Diet (5 sessions) - $500
Kybella Double Chin Treatment - $ 1200

What do I need to prepare before the appointment?

You can find new patient form from our home page, please complete and bring with you on your first visit, or you can come earlier to fill the paperwork.  Serene Care encourages our patients to bring all recent and pertinent medical records.

How long does an appointment last?

With our comprehensive services and treatments, please be prepared to stay at least 90 minutes for your appointment.

Do you accept insurances?

Dr. Lu and Dr. Warner do accept major health insurances, but please send us a copy of the front and back of your insurance card and your date of birth.  We will check your coverage and let you know if you are covered for our services.  We do not accept Medicare or Medicaid.

Both Dr. Lu, and Kamto accept motor vehicle accident insurance.  Please bring your active claim number and adjuster information on your first visit.

Health Insurance Processing Procedure?

Please send in copy of front and back of your insurance card. Our biller will go over the information and check the eligibility and payment information.  We will get back to you with those information before your first visit.  

Can I bring my child? Is child care offered?

You can bring children with you, but no child care is offered. Many visitors find it convenient to bring a responsible person along to watch children during your appointments.

Are family members allowed to come to my appointments?

Relatives and friends are welcome at Serene Care Clinic. They may be asked to stay in the waiting area during some exams and tests.